Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here's the finished Harriet sculpt... Now, off to paint!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Well, look what arrived in my email... pics from Mr. Nocella of the finished Harriet sculpt (well, just about, her hands havta be put back on & some lips added) other than that, she's good to go & just in time for my birthday! Anyways... hope you guys like the newest addition to the Carney vinyl family! I think I'm going to paint the samples up myself this time around, should be fun. I'll post pics once she's all painted up.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


With Halloween quickly approaching,
Carnival Cartoons has decided to celebrate the season
of ghosts, goblins, and all things geeky and freaky, by
commissioning a handful of uber talented tattoo
artists to take a stab at giving "Buzz Carney - The
Tattooed strongman" (Carnival's first independently
produced vinyl collector toy) some "Fresh Ink" .
These hand picked artists will have a chance to
customize blank buzz toys with their own take on his
tats, and their work will be displayed at Carnival
Cartoons' table at this february's New York Comic con.

Now... here's where you get involved... Carnival
Cartoons announces it's "Buzz Carney Custom Tattoo
Competition"! In conjunction with the customs already
being produced, Carnival wanted to give you a chance
to be a part of the action as well. Upon request,
Carnival will be sending out templates as seen above
(please email for high quality vector version) for you
to show them your wicked tattoo skills! Kick-off for
the custom competition starts on Halloween (Oct.31st)
& will conclude Nov. 30th. There will be a Custom
Buzz Blog set up to display all of the entries.
Although a template is provided, the boys at carnival
encourage you to be creative... (color outside of the
lines, if you so feel inclined). The grand prize winner
will win his/her very own Buzz vinyl primed & ready for
customization. The grand prize winner will also win a
screenprinted carnival cartoons t-shirt designed by
GarnetSyberg-Olsen & a fitted "Pierce the Wild Child"
Carney hat.
2nd place winner will recieve a t-shirt and hat
& 3rd place will recive a Carnival t-shirt.

If enough interest is shown in the competition &
entries start pouring in Carnival Cartoons plans to
have a gallery exhibit displaying customs & custom

Email... for your custom template
& for more info concerning the competition.

Also: Look out for "Harriet Carney - The Horrendously
hairy Housewife" Carnival Cartoons second limited
edition vinyl toy being released early in the new year!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Harriet is coming along quite nicely. Here's the most recent pics through the wax detailing stage. She's almost there, just a little more detail & she'll be red-to-go! We're hoping to have her ready for Comic Con New York. That's right!!! Carnival Cartoons will be at Comic Con this year. We'll be sharing a table with my good friend Danny "Kano" Kimanyen & Streetdreams. Can't wait, this is gonna be dope! This'll be Carnivals 1st con... hope to see some of you there!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More vacation pics.