Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Doin' some "Jumbotron" animation for the Vancouver Giants. Here's a few of the designs I came up with.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Check it out... Crazy cartoon t-shirts soon to be availible in the Carnival Cartoons Online Emporium. We plan the big launch to our online store within the next month and a half offering vinyl toys, t-shirts & posters. Supplies are limited so get 'em while they last. The 1st shirt being offered is "Pick-Up Feline"... a four color screen print on American Apparel t-shirt with Carnival elephant logo sleeve detail. Until we get our store page up & running, feel free to contact me through "comments" or at jared@carnivalcartoons.com to reserve your shirt & size. Availible in sizes med-xlarge. Shirts $22.00 + shipping. More designs availible soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Slowly, one by one I'm wrappin up these projects that've been kinda haunting me for the past few months. This was another fun one... the Spoiler Comedy Film Festival intro. I posted a blog entry a while back when I started this one. As you can tell, I changed the design a bit from my original. I think my 1st design was funny, but didn't quite read as a lion. It was more like an old man w/ a tail. Anyways... this is the revised version. Basically what happenes in the intro is... lion springs up into circle. He then takes in a deep breath as to let out a big roar. He starts his roar immediatly followed by super phlegmmy coughing... after all, he's pretty old now, look at that turkey neck. After his coughing episode ends, he straightens up & mutters..."Damn kids and their movies." He pauses, then his eyes get big as he gasps. His face turns blue as he colapses & what once read DEADLINE (the topic of this Spoiler), now reads DEAD LION. Get it, dead......lion, dead...lion, deadlion, oh, forget it. Here's some stills. Hopefully I'll get these new animations up on the website next month.

Finally caught the Carson Daly Show animated intro late the other night. I had done a bid for this job late summer through Funny Garbage. From what I gather it was down to two studios, us & another.... they went with the other. We didn't get the job, but at least I got a portfolio piece outta it. For those of you that have visited my website, you have probably already seen this image. I've never really considered myself a good caricature artist, but I think I'm slowly getting better. Anyways... here was my attempt...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wow, there's sooo much I want to post... Don't wanna give away too much information just yet though. But I promise I will let you guys know when & where you can view this thing as soon as I know myself. Until then I hope a few designs will tide you over... This was a super fun style to design in. I was given one drawing of the four band members as reference to design from. I'm still not sure who initially designed the band, but whoever you are, you're awesome!!! So other then that one reference pic, I was pretty much let loose to design. Although the video is short (just about a minute & a half) there are tons of characters, which means lotz o' designing & lotz o' animation. I got to design everything from, the band manager to monkeys to sumo wrestlers. There wasn't too many revisions on the designs, so what you see here is pretty much how the characters appeared in the actual video. Before I forget I wanna list the other folks that worked on this project with me... I already gave a shout to Mark Salisbury (supervising director), Scott Martin (director), & Tim Shankweiler (bg design). Anyways... hope you guys dig the sketches, & stay tuned for more art & info on the video & band.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Well, finally wrapped on my latest project. Man, lost a lot of sleep over this one. I was asked to animate & design on my very 1st animated music video. Over the next few weeks I plan to post a bunch, a kind of "making of" type deal. Special thanx goes out to emmy award winner & friend Mark Salisbury (supervising director of this video) for asking me to be a part of this. It was a ton of fun, tiring, but a blast all the same.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Well, here it is, as promised, the packaging for the Buzz toy. I really can't take any credit on the packaging. My partner Garnet laid the whole packaging design out. But I did contribute the little Buzz head on the back of the box. He kept it all in the color scheme of the website which i think is kinda cool. Great job as always Garnet!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hopefully someone will get that reference. I couldn't resist... I know its not really an art post, but what the hell. Me & my girlfriend (Celeste) rockin' Halloween. Too funny. Enjoy! & no... I won't come & roleplay w/ you this weekend, I have plans:) By the way, Celeste has an artists blog as well... celestewalke@blogspot.com

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Just got the wax master of the Buzz toy completed. Man, those guys over at Metago Toys are awesome, they're doing a great job. These are a couple of the pictures they recently sent me for approval. The wax master is the gold one to the left & the other "painted" Buzz is the original resin cast. I'm learning a lot about the toy process along the way. There are a few minor adjustments to the wax master that are not on the original toy. They flattened out the feet to ensure Buzz stands on his own. They also beefed up his feet a tad where the foot meets the leg to prevent breakage. There will be a seam at the waist & possibly at the arms, but the design of Buzz is cool cuz his "raised" tatoos will conceal all. The last image is for logo placement, it will be engraved right on Buzz's ass-butt. Anyways... hope you guys enjoy the pics. I'm really excited to get this guy out there. Buzz is right on schedule & will be availible late December-early January. We're working on the display box now & I should have that to post in the next day or two.