Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Special thanx to the Kidrobot board member MFMUNNY for sendin these in!

Garnet just informed me that on last nights episode of Miami Ink on TLC he spotted our Buzz Carney vinyl! He was perched on the shelf (still in the box) right behind Chris Nunez's workspace. One of the dudes in the show was also sporting a Carnival Cartoons tee designed by Garnet. We sent the guys a package of Carney goods a few months back, & we're totally stoked the stuff made its way on to their show! The episode titled..."Staff,Staff,Staff" will air again on July 3rd @ 8pm. Wish I had a screengrab or something. Aparrently Buzz showed up a few times throughout the episode.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Cereal Killers" art show
Reception: June 9th - 20th
4pm - 8pm
Monkeyhouse Toys & art gallery
1618 1/2 silverlake blvd.
L.A, Ca 90026

  • Monday, June 04, 2007

    Sorry for the lack of posts lately. A few quick things...
    The 3 Feet High Skatedeck gallery is up, check it out. Lots of cool decks at very affordable prices...
  • 3 Feet High Online Gallery

  • Also if anyone is interested, my 2 pieces from the "Too Art For TV Too" show are availible. Feel free to contact me directly.
    $250. each or buy the set for $475.
    good size pieces at 18"x24"
    acrylic & glitter on wood panel