Thursday, August 28, 2008

Calling all Artists in the Animation Industry:
10 days left to apply to "Too Art for TV 2008!"

for details on the show and how to apply, visit:
  • HERE!

  • Application Deadline: Sept. 5th, 2008
    Final Art Due: Dec. 1st*
    Show Opening: Dec. 5th*
    Show Closing: Dec.15th*

    *These dates might change slightly.

    Opening at the EREBUNI Gallery Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (off the Bedford L stop).

    If you have any questions, email

    Seriously guys... this is gonna be an incredible show, you're gonna want to be a part of this one! The "Too Art" shows that Liz puts together draw an insane crowd, plus this year the show is in a new, much bigger venue!!! Get those applications in pronto.

    Monday, August 25, 2008

    TOO ART FOR TV 3!!!

    I'm passing this along for my good friend Liz Artinian who organizes this amazing show each year...

  • Call to animation industry artists!!!

  • Here's a brief description, but click the above link for all of the dates & deadlines...

    taken from the Too Art site...
    "Too Art for TV is an exhibition designed to promote and encourage the fine arts in the animation industry. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible while still keeping the standard of art high. The show includes 25-35 artists and accepts artwork of all media. We've drawn in huge crowds consistently for two years and have gained a modest amount of media attention (very modest). This year we hope to make the show bigger and more spectacular than ever.

    Liz Artinian founded the show, curates it, and invests her time, love, and money to support it. All applicants are selected by committee this year. Our committee members are artists in the industry who have been pre-invited to help with the show. This year's committee members (so far) are Kelly Denato, Todd Lown, Christy Karacas, Jared Deal, and Justin Simonich.

    This year, the exhibition will be at the Ererbuni Gallery Space on Roebling st. (bet. Metropolitan and Hope) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (off the Bedford L stop).

    This will be fun!! Everyone please apply!! if you don't get accepted, try again next year. We really try our best to foster and support everybody."

    Here's the line art for my next painting. This one is for an upcoming show in September at Monkeyhouse Toys. This one will eventually be a page in a childrens alphabet book as well. I'll post more info with the final painting. See how many things you can find that start with the letter W!

    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    My Second entry for the Gygax show..."Booger" the Tree Orc!

    SATURDAY AUGUST 23rd is the opening reception for the TRIBUTE TO GYGAX group exhibition.
    Over 30 artists have participated in this show honoring the late Gary Gygax, inventor of the game Dungeons and Dragons.
    Please come and celebrate the life of this visionary creator.
    Reception begins at 7pm, Saturday August 23rd.
    Exhibition from August 23rd – September 27th.
    Titmouse Studio
    6616 Lexington Ave.
    Hollywood, CA 90038

    Full list of contributing artists:

    Anthony Andrade
    Dan Bigelow
    Antonio Canobbio
    Denise Chavez
    Matt Danner
    Jared Deal
    Gerald DeJesus
    Ryan DeLuca
    Tawd Dorenfeld
    Dave Fremont
    Ben Edlund
    Roy Gonzalez
    Jorge Gutierrez
    Aaron Habibipour
    Cheese Hasselberger
    Kaori Hamura
    Dave Johnson
    Christy Karakas
    George Krstic
    Gu Kwon
    Melissa Levengood
    Ariel Martian
    Richard Mather
    Ciro Nieli
    Joe Orrantia
    Dik Pose
    Joshua Pruett
    Chris Prynoski
    Israel Sanchez
    Bill Schwab
    Jody Schaeffer
    Jon Schnepp
    Gabe Swarr
    Matt Taylor
    Giancarlo Volpe


    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Check out the nice write-up Garn & me got in the current issue of Wonka Vision magazine. These guys are great and really did their research! They even got in to the back story of the characters a bit. It's a great mag, so run out to your local Barnes & Noble & grab a copy.
    One small correction though... most, if not all of the photos were taken by me on a trip w/ my girlfriend to Coney Island. The magazine credits my sculptor w/ the pics by mistake, haha.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Trying to get these bad boys wrapped up for a show this month. Almost done w/ my second plush for the Gygax tribute.

    Sunday, August 03, 2008

    This one is for all you D&D fans out there... There's gonna be a sweet show in August organized by my good friend Chris Prynoski. It's a tribute to Gary Gygax. Who can tell me what Gary Gygax is famous for???
    I call this guy Taurus.
    On a side note... I actually made the shield too from scratch for a Halloween costume a few years back.