Monday, February 23, 2009

The guys of Cookies-n-Cream stopped through my apartment this past weekend to do a little video shoot/interview with me about our toys! Met these dudes at NYCC. Good guys and they have a great website! Go check it out HERE to see more pics of the shoot

I pulled this text from their site just so you get more of an idea of what these guys are about...
"Cookies -n- Cream is an independent lifestyle brand based out of New York City. The Cookies n Cream brand is one that encompasses two creative outlets - one is clothing and the other is designer toys. In an era of “Me too” clothing brands and toys, we set out to create a brand that draws on our different influences – art, street couture, designer toys, high fashion, music, pop/underground culture just to name a few, all with a distinct personality and attitude of our own."

Monday, February 09, 2009

Comic Con was a blast this year!!! Made lots of new friends. We had a great spot booth #964 right in the second row.
I took tons of pics... but I'll just share w/ you a choice few...
Of course Harriet was there showing off her luxurious locks!!!

We debuted our NYCC/Web Exclusive Pierce & Nathan print set!

We also showed off the last wave of our Vladimir resin figures which ended up selling out just after the doors opened on day 2 of the con... WOW!

When the Vlads sold out I replaced their spot in the case with this... Samples from y new artist series jewelry I'm designing for Tattooed Steel! ... such a great company!

Argonauts Resin made their name known with some fantastic releases as well.

Customs, decks, jewelry... we had it all!

My new friends/neighbors over at Kuso Vinyl were awesome & a lot of fun!

This was the 1st sale of the day... thanx to my bud Ron Cohen for always supporting & being 1st in line!

My sweet new IKEA display case... finally got a DETOLF guess that makes me an official collector now, haha.

My new best friend!!!

...or wait, maybe it was this guy?! He had this voicebox thing that created a constant Chewbacca gurgle it was so funny.

Both kaNo & I signed at the booth

...a few other folks stopped by our booth to get in on the fun...
like Carney & Argonaut sculptor Eric Nocella

Nakanari was at the Kuso booth & came over to hang out w/ us a bunch

I got to meet Shawn Smith of Shawnimals who stopped through at the end of the day on Sunday

Shawn Smith, kaNO, Nakanari

Robbie Busch hung out a bunch & did some signing

Here's NEMO who stopped by for a little bit too.

I even got interviewed a few times... here I am w/ my animation friends Justin & Linda, thanx for stopping by!

Here's Jeff Pidgeon with his happy beaver toy. I was honored when he bought one of our Pierce & Nathan toy sets! Thanks Jeff!

Bye for now!