Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Slowly, one by one I'm wrappin up these projects that've been kinda haunting me for the past few months. This was another fun one... the Spoiler Comedy Film Festival intro. I posted a blog entry a while back when I started this one. As you can tell, I changed the design a bit from my original. I think my 1st design was funny, but didn't quite read as a lion. It was more like an old man w/ a tail. Anyways... this is the revised version. Basically what happenes in the intro is... lion springs up into circle. He then takes in a deep breath as to let out a big roar. He starts his roar immediatly followed by super phlegmmy coughing... after all, he's pretty old now, look at that turkey neck. After his coughing episode ends, he straightens up & mutters..."Damn kids and their movies." He pauses, then his eyes get big as he gasps. His face turns blue as he colapses & what once read DEADLINE (the topic of this Spoiler), now reads DEAD LION. Get it, dead......lion, dead...lion, deadlion, oh, forget it. Here's some stills. Hopefully I'll get these new animations up on the website next month.