Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hey guys & gals... Be sure to pick up your copy of the New York Press today for a write up on the "Shady Characters" exhibit. The article also touches on the rapidly expanding art blog community. If you're not in the city & can't get a hold of a copy, you can read the
  • article
  • here on the New York Press website. Special thanx to C. Edwards for the great write up & also for coming to the opening... hope you had a good time. And also a shout to Jerry Portwood as well.


    Blogger jeaux janovsky said...

    good job on the show jared! it looked like a great time. wish i was in ny yo.

    3:19 AM  
    Blogger g-fifty said...


    3:15 PM  
    Blogger klahd said...

    My pleasure.

    I had a blast. I only wish there was room for a larger piece...

    10:06 AM  

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