Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hey guys-
This sweet show opens monday! I attached a few pics of my skatedecks based off of our "Carneys" line of characters/vinyl toys. When I heard it was a carnival themed art show I just had to submit! Here's all the info...

Currated by Andrea Breitman
2nd annual 3 feet high show.
Skatedecks and their adventures at the carnival.
Presented by

May 12th - June 23rd 2007
Opening Reception:
Monday, May 14th 2007
7 pm - 11 pm
Free house wine & domestic drafts
from 7 pm - 8 pm
Music spun by John Z & Ted

artists include:
gary ashley
linda beck
justin brancato
andrea breitman
kristen bronson
stephanie buscema
jared deal
giovanni estevez
josh frankel
thom glick
regino gonzales
rob harrigan
lisa hawke
dave heiss
chris jammal
danny kimanyen
fran krause
will krause
blake lemons
pat longo
ann marshall
marko metzinger
scott meyers
matt mignanelli
miss lotion
lynda nettleship
vincent di nguyen
mike overbeck
mitch papineau
yuliya parshina
mark pecoraro
jackie post
rob powers
brian raszka
jj rudisill
magie serpica
timmy shankweiler
justin simonich
josh taylor
chris thornley
chris timmons
shawn whisenant
john lytle wilson
aaron zisman
mike zod
and more!

For more information please contact:
to find out about online gallery
please go to:

Maxwells bar & restaurant
1039 Washington st. Hoboken, NJ
For directions: