Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Well guys we finally released the second colorway of our Harriet toy! Contact DKE TOYS for wholesale inquiries! Here's the press release...

Harriet - The Bearded Lady (Purple Edition)

8 inch tall vinyl in beautiful window display box. Limited to 200 pieces.

Fresh off the heels of their award winning Buzz Carney figure, Carnival Cartoons brings you "Harriet Carney" the Bearded Lady. Harriet marks the second release in the Carney's line of vinyl characters. This time around we bring you the "Purple Edition". This is the second colorway produced of the popular figure. The Carneys are popping up everywhere these days. Be sure to watch Miami Ink where you can see the Buzz Carney the Tattooed Strongman figure adorning the workspace of Chris Nunez. The previously released "Red Edition" Harriet has only been out since October & is already winning awards. Harriet was just awarded as one of the best sculpts of '07 by "Plastic & Plush." Get yours today!

"Harriet is a lovely lady who just happens to have heaps more hair on her chin than most men have under their hats! This wonderfully whiskered queen of the midway is certainly a looker, and in her time has definitely turned a few heads! Harriet loves being the matriarch of the Carney family, and lives for performing with them. For 20 years she has been a main stage attraction at Barker's sideshow! Naturally she's used to being gawked at and heckled by the crowds. But Harriet takes it all in stride... because that's life as a carnival geek! People always mock what they don't understand! But in Harriet's mind, just because she has a decent 5 o'clock shadow by 10:30AM... doesn't mean she's any less of a lady. In fact, she feels that it gives her an exotic quality, not to mention another avenue for self expression. On the boardwalk, Harriet is famed for her lustrous locks. Her secret for achieving such a vainglorious sheen? ... A complicated concoction comprised of horse shampoo, brewers yeast, and macadamia nut oil. For her teen-aged daughter's sake, let's just hope the hair gene skips a generation!"


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