Sunday, August 17, 2008

Check out the nice write-up Garn & me got in the current issue of Wonka Vision magazine. These guys are great and really did their research! They even got in to the back story of the characters a bit. It's a great mag, so run out to your local Barnes & Noble & grab a copy.
One small correction though... most, if not all of the photos were taken by me on a trip w/ my girlfriend to Coney Island. The magazine credits my sculptor w/ the pics by mistake, haha.


Blogger kaNO! said...

Awesome Jared, Shawn is cool peoples good to see two of my friends sharing the spotlight, congrats!!

8:50 PM  
Blogger END said...

NICE!!! Swipe and swipe..hehe...Dude - ya turning into a plush making beast!

5:15 PM  

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