Thursday, March 24, 2011

This post is a little late, but I'm still trying to get caught up. Here is another of my projects from this past winter. This is the winter store display for my girlfriend Michelle's consignment store
  • Blackbird Attic

  • This project was a lot of fun. I love decorating for the holidays, and the fact that it was a store display allowed us to go a little over the top.
    I painted the tree silhouettes right on the window and then scratched off the line detail with a razorblade. The fabric tree was made out of chicken wire paper and fabric. We got the idea from a store display we had seen online.

    I thought it was cool how the tree wrapped around the wall on to the ceiling. Also hung some snowflakes and ornaments from the ceiling.

    The idea was to create one warm indoor cozy window and another cold blustery winter wonderland type window. Here is the indoor scene. I built the fireplace from scratch by cutting and reshaping cardboard boxes. Then I spray painted it red, black, and cream for the trim. The brick "mortar" is actually masking tape.

    My family is insane about wrapping gifts. They've always been so particular and perfect with their gift presentation. The paper had to be perfectly creased, bows had to be just so, with ornaments and extra flair hanging off of each gift. So I guess this is just a little something I picked up over the years myself.

    If you follow my blog you probably recognize a few of the "props" from my bedroom. We took a few things from our woodsy bedroom decor and incorporated them in to this display.

    ...and a little spray snow tops it all off!


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