Monday, September 19, 2005

Name 1 animator you know that doesnt have an overly enthusiastic fascination with toys. It's no secret that we animators LOVE toys. Hell, I've got 'em everywhere... on shelves, in closets, scattered on the floor, stuffed, vinyl... you name it. Yes, thats right, a grown man with stuffed toys, I don't care, laugh you know you got em too. I've always had a fascination with toys & have always dreamed about designing my own. Well, I'm proud to announce that my 1st toy is officially in production. "Buzz" is the 1st in what I hope is a series of carney characters I'd like to produce. This particular character is from a show my partner (Garnet Syberg-Olsen) & I created a while back called the "Carneys". You can view the trailer on my website or at I designed the Character & my buddy & toy biz big-shot the talented Eric Nocella ( did the sculpt. We're currently producing a limited edition run of 250 to test the waters. Buzz stands at approx. 7 inches tall & will be made of soft vinyl. He should be availible for purchase this January, price still TBD. You'll be able to buy Buzz through the Carnival Cartoons website.


Blogger Andre Moore said...

this is sweet! I'd love to have some of my designs made into toys

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