Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The "3 Feet High" skate deck art show is coming up! I mentioned this art exhibit in one or two of my earlier posts. I myself will have 2 decks in the show. It was nice to get away from the digital a bit & break out the paints again. From what I gather there should be somewheres between 75-100 decks on display by various artists with the universal theme being "curious". All decks are for sale so bring your wallets. The show is at
  • Maxwells
  • in Hoboken. I know it's tough to get you city folk (me included) out to Jersey, but I think it'll be worth it. There will be a couple really great artists in attendance. Plus, what else do you got goin' on a Monday night? It's only one stop over on the Path train, c'mon!!! Decks, drinks, & dj's... it's gonna be sweet! Sorry I haven't posted any pics of the decks yet but you can check out
  • Danny Kimanyen's blog
  • for a sampling of what to expect at the show. Here's
  • directions
  • from the Path & city for anyone interested. See you there... no excuses! Opening reception is Monday, April 24th from 7-11pm.


    Blogger martin wittig said...

    Awesome....I gotta check it out!

    5:23 PM  
    Blogger Tony said...

    Wish you luck for the contest!
    Stay gold!

    7:03 PM  

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