Friday, March 31, 2006

Looky what's new in the Carnival Cartoons store... sweet shirts for your wearing pleasure! A G50 original! Gotta love it... an elephant for each nip! These are goin' fast so place yer order today at the
  • Carnival Cartoons Online Emporium

  • And here's a sneak peek at another one of Garnet's upcoming t-designs... comin' attcha in the next week or two... I'm lovin' this one, it'd make a super sweet tattoo!

    Also... there's a review of the Buzz Carney toy up on the Plastic And Plush Website to follow up the interview from last week. Looks like we passed... phew.
  • Toy Review


    Blogger the doodlers said...

    yummy stuff! Really nice looking designs and quality.

    12:29 AM  

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