Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Buzz figure & Carnival Cartoons will be featured in the soon to be released
  • "Dot Dot Dash"
  • hardcover book. The book is to be released October 12, 2006 in Europe & soon to follow in the states. The book is 296 pages & features up around 1800 pictures & 380 artists. Garn & I are lucky to be in such great company in this book with the likes of artists such as James Jarvis, Pete Fowler, Sam Flores, etc. Here's what the website has to say...

    "Dot Dot Dash! is brought to you by the editors of Pictoplasma and Pictoplasma 2. Expanding on the widely popular subject of contemporary character design, this definitive volume showcases an up-to-date survey of the personalities and characters that have entered the third dimension.

    Vinyl figures, plush dolls, designer toys and action figures can be seen as a new movement in contemporary design, art and popular culture. Interest for these three dimensional toys have surged, drawing on pop culture, graffiti and visual art. The new generation characters appear cute, cuddly and innocuous at first but are often elicit, subversive and politically incorrect. Not intended for child's play, they are highly esteemed by teens and adults alike. Each is a work of art often created by world famous artists and many of them are produced independently in limited editions and become highly sought after collectibles.

    A recent trend of character applications aspiring from inherent crossovers of the character and art worlds, is also taking form in sculptures and objects, creating a new art market where artists are progressively moving beyond the boundaries of the gallery and extending their work to a largely disparate audience.

    This voluptuous volume exhibits the expansive scope of designs and objects in the ultimate compilation of contemporary character design. Jim Crawford the co-founder of Strange Co, one of the largest distributor of designer toys has contributed to the making of this book."

    More gallery posts to come soon guys, just bear w/ me.


    Blogger g-fifty said...


    3:15 PM  
    Blogger Mega said...

    hey congrats on that jared! good work!

    are you guys still selling those buzz figures? i kinda want one, although im going to have to wait a few weeks first.

    1:00 AM  
    Blogger Jared Deal said...

    when you're ready, you can just contact garnet directly...
    our "carnival" email accounts are all screwed up so don't email those.

    1:12 AM  
    Blogger Erick Scarecrow said...


    12:06 AM  
    Blogger burgerlog said...

    hooray!!!!! some of my plush will supposedly be in it too! this IS your good deal!

    2:17 AM  
    Blogger Jared Deal said...

    oh, rad... i wonder if any of our other blogger friends are gonna be in the book?

    2:02 PM  
    Blogger martin wittig said...

    Congrats!!! That's awesome!!!!

    6:08 PM  
    Blogger nick said...

    cool stuff jared..really like the show pieces you have on display..

    3:24 PM  
    Blogger Chris Battle said...

    Sheeeet.... that's rad, man. Congrats. Now I have ANOTHER expensive art book that I hafta buy.

    12:55 PM  
    Blogger Rånny said...

    atta boy! I just love everything you're doing, it's amazing!

    12:06 AM  
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