Thursday, January 04, 2007

... or at least 3rd best in show. I want to send a special congratulations out to
  • Eric Nocella Diaz

  • for being honored by Plastic and Plush for his sculpting job on our Buzz Carney toy. Buzz was named by the site as one of the top 3 toy sculpts of 2006!!! Check the following link for the write up & also to see the winners in the other categories. I snagged the above pic from END's website. Nice photo dude! Also thanx to Plastic and Plush for being so supportive & helping us get our toys "out there". By the way... for anyone interested, there's one up on ebay now at a good price. Get it now as these will be hard to come by once Harriet is released.
  • Plastic and Plush 2006 Toy Awards

    Blogger Kanokadafi said...

    Yeah son!!!! thats the hotness right there, congrats to the Carni crew and Goldmane entertainment, Holler!!!
    makes me feel quilty about sanding this bad boy down.

    10:37 PM  
    Blogger END said...

    Thanks man (and Plastic and Plush too) - but you and Garnet are masterminds behind this plot to take over the world...
    Kano - step away from the sandpaper!!!

    12:06 AM  
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