Thursday, January 04, 2007

... or at least 3rd best in show. I want to send a special congratulations out to
  • Eric Nocella Diaz

  • for being honored by Plastic and Plush for his sculpting job on our Buzz Carney toy. Buzz was named by the site as one of the top 3 toy sculpts of 2006!!! Check the following link for the write up & also to see the winners in the other categories. I snagged the above pic from END's website. Nice photo dude! Also thanx to Plastic and Plush for being so supportive & helping us get our toys "out there". By the way... for anyone interested, there's one up on ebay now at a good price. Get it now as these will be hard to come by once Harriet is released.
  • Plastic and Plush 2006 Toy Awards