Thursday, August 28, 2008

Calling all Artists in the Animation Industry:
10 days left to apply to "Too Art for TV 2008!"

for details on the show and how to apply, visit:
  • HERE!

  • Application Deadline: Sept. 5th, 2008
    Final Art Due: Dec. 1st*
    Show Opening: Dec. 5th*
    Show Closing: Dec.15th*

    *These dates might change slightly.

    Opening at the EREBUNI Gallery Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (off the Bedford L stop).

    If you have any questions, email

    Seriously guys... this is gonna be an incredible show, you're gonna want to be a part of this one! The "Too Art" shows that Liz puts together draw an insane crowd, plus this year the show is in a new, much bigger venue!!! Get those applications in pronto.


    Blogger :: smo :: said...

    Thanks for posting man! This sounds corny, but I really look up to all the gallery work you do! I've only ever done some small sculpture and screenprinting and things; never painted yet so i'm not sure what to actually do. But i'll put in for it, i've always really enjoyed the show and it'd be totally sick to take part!

    Much appreciated!

    9:59 AM  
    Blogger Jared Deal said...

    Thanx man, I appreciate the kind words!
    Yeah dude, you should totally submit. They have a lot of space to fill this year & definitely need more submissions. Good luck dude, hope to see ya there!

    7:08 PM  

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