Monday, March 28, 2011

Here are the first few pics of the Columbia restoration.
This bike needed a lot more work than the previous Schwinn. I show you guys all the fun pics, but before any work can be done the bike has to be disassembled and go through a serious clean up. This entails everything from grinding, sanding, steel wool, degreasing, etc. This bike in particular was so rusted in some spots that I actually had to drill out a few bolts and rivets.
Once all that's done the fun begins...
Had to do a little patch work on the fenders. I'm getting pretty good with Bondo. You really have to sand it down as smooth as possible because just the slightest bump, divit, etc shows up in paint. The edges of the fenders were nicked up and rusted bad so I spent a bit of time smoothing and rounding them back out.

Decided to switch up the color a bit on the restoration. Michelle actually picked out this great pistachio color. On both this bike and the Schwinn I wanted to stay fairly close to the original but not get too caught up in to matching the original perfectly. I like to add my own extra touches whether it be paint, accessories, or whatever.

Here is the finished painted fork complete with fork darts!

The fenders cleaned up amazing. You cant even tell there was any patch work done. Here is the rear fender with finished paint.

Here is the horn tank with finished paint.

Frame masked and painted... almost finished.

Front fender with finished paint.


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