Tuesday, September 20, 2005

These guys make me laugh, so I wanted to share. They're are a couple of "re-designs" I did for a buddy of of mine (Richard Mather, aka Dicko). Dicko is one of the craziest/funniest guys I know. I met him about seven years ago or so working as a designer on MTV's Downtown. Downtown was one of my best animation experiences. I was hired here fresh out of school as a character designer. It was a beautiful show that was highly underrated. It still shocks me that it wasn't recieved better. It was here I got to work w/ one of my favorite bosses to date Chris Prynowski. Prynowski is doing great things out in LA now I hear, check out his site www.titmouse.net. Back to Dicko... if you wanna see his original designs that I based these characters off of you can visit his site at www.dicko.org and click on Magical Realm, of course. I doubt they'll go with these, I think I veered too much from the original style, but it was a lot of fun. I just love drawing Renaldo. Why is it that drawing cats is so fun? Half of my portfolio is cat drawings... I wonder what that is all about?


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